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AdVideoTISE Trinidad Restaurants: chaud Cafe' & wine bar, Woodbrook Place Trinidad.

chaud Café & wine bar at One Woodbrook Place. This fine Trinidad restaurant offers a casually sophisticated, entirely relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant to try for a lunch date, dinner or late night dessert or glass of wine on the patio, come to chaud Cafe' & wine bar for soup and salad or plan your dinner or after work lime with Trini liming friends. The happy smile greets you every time. Great thought went into the creation of chaud Café & wine bar and, the Trinidad restaurant master chef Khalid Mohammed, the creation begins with good food. chaud Cafe's foundation is a long list of "small plates", gourmet sandwiches and salads to enjoy in a comfortable surroundings.

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Damien Street at One Woodbrook Place, Trinidad
Just 5 minutes from Port of Spain Hotels and Westmoorings, Trinidad
Call: 1868.628.9845